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Qualities to Look for in a Doggy Day Care



 There is a connection that is established between dog owners and their dogs and they often want them handled in the best way possible.  Thus they are very  particular on the kind of doggy care service that they would want to employ  for their invaluable companions.  Having the required information  with respect to Vernon Kennel Service should guide their acquisition processes of this services.  Showing up unannounced in these centre and asking for a tour is your best bet to getting the right information on a doggy care centre.


The availability of space dictates that the dog will have enough play space. They should be adequate kennels to house the dogs available.  In events where the dogs have to  partake some of the facilities jointly there should be measures to ensure that older dogs do not mix with younger ones. They should also have areas that are dedicated specifically for new incoming dogs.  There should be separation or close supervision of diverse breeds depending  on the situation.


The premises should be clean.  There is a likely hood of spread of diseases and acquisition of pests in dirty surroundings. They should each be provided with clean water and potties to keep their training in check.  The dog will be able to get rid of waste from their bodies making it a fun experience for them.  The processes of cleaning should be executed to excellence and with the right detergents.


 There should be a strategy that accounts for the dog play needs to prevent instances of idleness.  The dogs should always be under surveillance at all times to carter for emergency situations.  There should be a good number of employees that will help to care for the dogs with every one involved handling only eleven dogs.  This is to make the care being provided sustainable.  The staff have to be equipped with the right information concerning proper handling of this animals to prevent cases of emotional or physical abuse.  The necessity of ensuring that they are well trained cannot be underestimated.


  1. More and more people are finding dogs to be invaluable companions and this companions should  be taken care of to increase their lifetime to continue enjoying their company at